Terms and Conditions

Rapid Placement Services places and selects candidates for temporary and permanent candidates. We are in the business of hiring the right talent and provide either permanent or temporary employment opportunities by respecting the under mentioned terms and conditions:


Please note that all these terms and conditions are generally applied to all sections of the referred candidates that are basically made by the company through a client for giving them permanent or temporary employment opportunities. At the same time, the employer can also give them employment opportunities for contract basis as well. In all circumstances, we at the Rapid Solutions tend to provide the right solution to all our clients without any hindrance.

We are committed to serve our clients in regards to providing the right pool of talent by serving them with the right workforce, subject to any kind of variation that are recorded in writing or mutually agreed to by any of the parties. In either case, we are committed to abide by all the set rules and guidelines in this regard.

The following terms and conditions wil remain the same for any other consultancy unless at any kind of variations which is recorded in writing or at the time of mutually agreed by both the parties.

Additional Terms and Values

Please take a note that all these terms and conditions that are being laid off here compromise all of the waeeanties and representations between both the parties. At the same time, they are free to take precedence over any sort of prior discussions or any kind of agreements that are bound to cover this sort of agreement by the said company to the client.

Further, please note that any sort of implied terms, warranties or conditions are completely excluded from the given contract.


After a particular candidate is introduced by the client or the company who is finally employed, then the company's standard fee will be payable by the client. The entire fee structure is already mentioned in the Fee & Guarantee section that will be finally payable by the client.

In all circumstances, the client will bear the fee and will have to pay the actual fee to the company applicable even if in case the candidate has been employed in an altogether different capacity or an altogether different basis to what he/she was originally introduced for.


In all circumstances, the client will have to pay all the required fee along with all the different and admissible charges along with GST that has been invoiced to them within a period of 7 days.