Privacy Policy

We at Rapid Placement along with any of our affiliated companies represent the highly professional and global recruitment services in giving solutions for end to end HR (Human Resource) Management services to all the leading organizations of the country and also help them to address their specific and critical talent needs for our clients.

While serving to all our prestigious clients, we respect and are committed to protect and honour your privacy at all times. And this is what the purpose of this document is for that mainly describes our listed policies in this regard.

Please note that our privacy policy gives details of all our practices and policies regarding both the use and collection of your personal data at the time of processing it any any point of time.

The data basically generates at the time of you accessing our website at any point of time. The data which is generated describes some basic information about you like your name, login details and other credential information which gets automatically stored into our systems.

At no point of time, we use this data except for the marketing purpose. At the same time, we are committed to keep the data of all of our clients in a safe manner and understand your privacy rights at different point of time and circumstances.

Please be aware that our privacy policy basically describes the types of your personal information along with any other kind of personal data that we collect from time to time. There are different ways how we collect, store and use this information and further process it depends on the particular situation.

In general, we abide the law in distributing any such personal information of any given user along with following all the best practices to safeguard the privacy of our users at any point of time.

Please also note that our privacy policy basically varies at different countries where we operate as you need to understand different laws in different countries where the companies operate.

If you are interested to know all the different privacy policies of all those specific countries, then you need to find and visit all the specific terms and conditions. You may also visit to the entire local website for any such details.

At Rapid Placements, we basically use both the cookies and IP addresses that help us in collecting data of a user who come to our website for any purpose. For example, some users come to seek information or any other details related to the website. In the same ways, other users also do come at different times for any other purpose.