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Rapid Placement is a professionally managed recruitment agency that provides quality services to hundreds of professionals across the country. We're the leaders in providing the highly satisfied Human Resource solutions to hundreds of professionals in the country and have been in the business for over two decades now. Rapid Placement is a team of talented and highly qualified team of professionals who tend to work in a set timeline to achieve their target goals.

At Rapid Placement, we understand your requirements as a professional and are committed to help you with world class recruitment offer. We're entirely driven by our utmost sincerity and commitment to give you lifetime satisfaction by providing you with the right kind of job offer.

In a span of over two decades, we have collected a huge database of hundreds of professionals hailing from different industries or sectors including bank, education, construction, Information Technology (IT), medical, software development and more. At the same time, we also have a great record of hundreds of top leaders providing some of the best jobs in various sectors as well. We have a great track record of placing our candidates with the top notch companies according to the candidate's skills and knowledge about their subject.

Rapid Placement is entirely based in Jalandhar (Punjab). We've set a clear vision to place candidates as per their required qualifications. Our vision is to place as many professionals according to their talent. We're essentially backed by a highly dedicated and talented team of qualified professionals who are loaded with highest qualifications in their own field. Their job is to collect all the requirements of candidates and place them according to their skillets.

At Rapid Placement, we're equally concerned to focus on candidates who need immediate professional help. We take care in assigning them with the right kind of job placement that suits them. In a span of over two decades, we have now become well versed of all the tips and tricks to assign the right job placement to the right candidate within a stipulated time frame.

At Rapid placement, the process of recruitment is based entirely by matching all the skills against the job placement offer. In addition to this, we tend to follow all the healthy practices at par to help every single professional with an aim to reach out to the maximum candidates. While giving our candidates with the right kind of job placement, we strictly follow all the required norms and to make the entire process free from any error.

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